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Exciting news from Zachary Schoch's Keystone studio:

For Immediate Release LOS ANGELES, California – May 28, 2014...  The future of the built environment is 3D printed. The m_Wall, showcased at the Maker Fair 2014, was printed in only two pieces and stands over 6 feet 4 inches tall (1.9 meters). Printed with the Euclid Robot 3D printer using both black and clear ABS plastic, the m_Wall is extremely strong with a single pass print thickness of over 1/4 inch (6.35mm). The wall is created from two 5 hour prints making for a total print time of only 10 hours. And yes, that is fast, well compared to most printers.

In order to print architecture, it needs to be created using less expensive methods than those of ‘traditional’ 3D printing. Time is money, and now architectural scale 3D printing is economically feasible as demonstrated by the m_Wall due to the high speed and inexpensive plastic pellet based Euclid Robot 3D printer. Because time has a direct corollary to cost, Bot Laboratory constantly strives to drastically reduce print times. 

Designed using Grasshopper 3D, all of the motion and extrusion data required to print the m_wall was completely scripted inside of Grasshopper using a custom script developed by Zachary Schoch. This process takes the place of the traditional ‘slicing’ step. It has the advantage of allowing the designer to not only design the form of what they want, but to also design the nature of how it is created; for instance, the ability to use print layers that are at funny angles or print layers that are curved and non-planar, or to directly script the path of the machine in order to create a geometry instead of the traditionally reversed geometry first process.

The Bot Laboratory is now accepting custom printing inquiries. Located in Los Angeles California, USA. Zachary Schoch, proprietor.

Zachary Schoch is a Roboticist, Inventor, Designer and founder of Bot Laboratory where he is pushing the limits of 3D printing and robotic fabrication. Through a careful fusion of his diverse backgrounds in mechanical engineering, race car design, and architecture, Zach has designed and developed the Euclid Robot 3D printer, a large scale Cartesian machine that 3D prints a huge variety of plastics using inexpensive pellets. By leveraging custom scripting and a mega 3D printer, Zach is able to design and print elements at spatial and architectural scale. Through exploring the potential of machines and their impact on architecture, Zach seeks to revolutionize the way we create and build space.

Keystone studios/artists on KCET's Artbound

artbound story.jpg

Several Keystone Art Space artists and studios receive recognition on KCET's Artbound. Congratulations to all involved!

Here's an excerpt:

One will find an emerging generation of experimenters in the Blindspot Initiative exhibition at Keystone Gallery. The show features a multidisciplinary group of ten artists, designers, and architects. Eight out of ten, however, have a background in architecture. Somewhere Something, a multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio founded by Biayna Bogosian, Jason King, and Sacha Bauman, and Jose Sanchez of Plethora Project curated the show, drawing on a number of the designers and makers with studios at Keystone Art Space on San Fernando Road in Atwater Village.

"I'm glad it's not a field of objects that blink," says King of the gallery full of artworks, artifacts, videos, and installations where the designers relied on computation and advance technologies as part of the developmental process. Zachary Schoch's gooey-looking vases, for instance, are the products of a robot he built himself to create large-scale 3-D printed objects. He first developed the robot as a thesis student at SCI-Arc. Built out of sections steel tubing and electronics, a MakerBot on steroids, it's housed down the hall in his studio. For "Aluvium" (2014), filmmaker Catherine Griffiths of Isohale combined video and coding to create a memorizing loop in which ecological data is processed, visualized, animated, and overlaid on desert landscapes.

"DOT/O" (2014), Somewhere Something and Plethora's collaborative contribution, sits in the center of the gallery. An organically shaped steel armature covered in colored thread, the piece wills visitors to touch and engage the sculpture by weaving thread across the form. Inspired by game theory, there are very basic rules posted on the wall: "max span is an arm length" or "connect dots on alternate rods." The result of these simple instructions is a complex, collaborative (or crowd-sourced) sculpture.

Read the full article by Mimi Zeiger here.

Luc Bernard in Palm Springs


If you are in the Palm Springs area this weekend for Modernist Week and the Palm Springs Art Fair, Keystone artist Luc Bernard will have works included at Heather James Fine Art's booth along its list of artists.

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair // February 13-16, 2014
Heather James Fine Art will be exhibiting at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair - Booth 405
with works on view by:

Create LA second Student Exhibition

Join us for Create LA's second Student Exhibition this Friday, Jan 24th!

Opening Reception Friday, January 24, 2014 5pm-8pm

"It might be big. It might be small. It might be funny. It might be ugly looking.

But it's still art." 

- Steven, Create LA Student Artist

Meet the artists, have a snack, and enjoy the show!

Create LA is a non profit organization providing visual arts education to Los Angeles youth out of Glassell Park's Keystone Art Space and other community locations. Create LA's goals are to empower youth to find their artistic voice through inquiry driven, project based visual art classes, promote the spread of specialized skill sets from artists and artisans to the next generation, and provide an engaging community space for creativity to thrive.


Write-up of Melind McLeod show at Keystone Gallery

McLeod 149fm.jpg

The opening for Melinda McLeod was a big success, thanks to all the folks who made it to the show. Life In LA has a great review online, excerpted below. Check out the whole piece here.

Running parallel to the Metrolink in Northeast Los Angeles, San Fernando Road has been home to large factory warehouses and the occasional car lot for as long as I can remember. Serving as a thoroughfare between Burbank and Lincoln Heights, the street has never been known as a hotbed of social activity. At least not until recently. 

Neighborhoods through which San Fernando Road runs are beginning to take on a new landscape with the sudden uprising of venues such as GameHaüs Café, which offers patrons 700+ board games to play over coffee or tea. More specifically, this sudden change in atmosphere can be attributed to LA’s changing art scene, which was once centered in “the traditional Westside enclaves [and is now] in search of real estate to show larger artworks,” as suggested by the Huffington Post.

Located on San Fernando Road in the middle of Glassell Park, Keystone Art Space inhabits what once was a large warehouse. Not only does it consist of a significantly sized gallery, but it also is home to over 60 artist studios. Currently on exhibit is Melinda McLeod’s first solo show, Force of Creatures. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Keystone Art Space and the owner of Wallspace Gallery, Valda Lake, the show’s opening reception on Saturday, January 11th, was a success.

Two collaborative events with Wallspace

Keystone's director, Melanie Mandl, will have a video installation on view at Wallspace January 9- February 6 and Wallspace artist Melinda McLeod will have a solo exhibition at the Keystone Gallery January 11-19. Please join us for the opening receptions of both of these events.


Kickstarter for Keystone Gallery show launched

Blindspot Initiative, a group show and series of talks and workshops organized by Keystone studios Plethora Project and Somewhere Something, has launched a Kickstarter to support the installation of the show and dissemination of the all the archives and data. Two other Keystone studios are part of the show: Zach Schoch and Nicholas Hanna, along with several other young L.A. designers. Show your support for local talent and get some cool rewards while your at it. A series of workshops are being offered, poster below.


T-shirt time

Keystone and Create LA t-shirts are now available at the excellent price of $15 a piece. A few Keystone zipper hoodies are also available for $30. For more information, see Mark Harvey in studio A4 or shoot him an email


Open Studios in images

The Open Studios on December 7 was a tremendous night. Big thanks to the hundreds of people who came through to celebrate art and design and to all our residents who opened their studio doors to the public. Keystone photographer and designer Mark Harvey has some great pictures on his Flickr stream, check them out here.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.49.04 AM.png

Biija Fine Art Studios t-shirts

Artist Biija will be selling t-shirts based on her paintings out of her Keystone Art Space studio during the Open Studios, December 7, 12-9 p.m. For more information, contact Biija.


Luc Bernard in Palm Desert

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.44.06 PM.png

Featured Keystone artist Luc Bernard, shown left with one of his new paintings, will be part of the season opening exhibition at Heather James Fine Art in Palm Desert.

The show features Andy Warhol and Dali, along with Norman Zammitt, Dennis Hare, Clinton Hill, Kaoru Mansour and Luc.

The gallery invites all to join the opening night reception on Saturday, November 30 from 6-8 p.m., "have a cocktail with us and explore masterpieces that span from antiquity to contemporary."

Open Studios Date Announced

Open Studios Date Announced


Keystone Art Space is pleased to announce December 7, 2013 as the next Open Studios.  

The event will coincide with a group show in the Keystone Gallery: GIFTED, featuring our studio artists and benefitting Create LA, a non-profit organization here at Keystone that offers free after school arts education to children.

Save the date! 


Video of New Space

Artist/Designer Melanie Mandl created this stop motion video documentation of the construction process during our big build at the Glassell Building in August. Check it out!

Greetings from Create LA and Keystone Fine Art Studios!


Keystone Fine Art Studios and Create LA invite you to the FIRST Group Art Show at our new facility in Glassell Park. Join us on August 24th for an evening of fun and fundraising!! Come out and enjoy refreshments, DJs, tours of our new facility, and, of course, the artwork!

Create LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the arts community via educational art classes for area youth. The organization aims to create an inclusive and stimulating environment for adults and children by also providing affordable workspace and career development opportunities for existing artists. Create LA currently shares a space in Glassell Park with Keystone Fine Art Studios.

Keystone is a Fine and Industrial Art studio space formerly located in Los Angeles's Historic Echo Park. It houses a group of artists creating sculpture, paintings, performance, public art and media installations. This August Keystone picked up and moved its studios over to Glassell Park to join Create LA in their new 50,000 square-foot home at 2558 N San Fernando Road.

We need your support!! Create LA and Keystone Studios are joining forces to tackle a HUGE project in Glassell Park. We need to raise money to build our classroom and gallery space and get FREE YOUTH ART CLASSES at Create LA up and running! Come take a look at what we are doing and see how you can help!