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The opening for Melinda McLeod was a big success, thanks to all the folks who made it to the show. Life In LA has a great review online, excerpted below. Check out the whole piece here.

Running parallel to the Metrolink in Northeast Los Angeles, San Fernando Road has been home to large factory warehouses and the occasional car lot for as long as I can remember. Serving as a thoroughfare between Burbank and Lincoln Heights, the street has never been known as a hotbed of social activity. At least not until recently. 

Neighborhoods through which San Fernando Road runs are beginning to take on a new landscape with the sudden uprising of venues such as GameHaüs Café, which offers patrons 700+ board games to play over coffee or tea. More specifically, this sudden change in atmosphere can be attributed to LA’s changing art scene, which was once centered in “the traditional Westside enclaves [and is now] in search of real estate to show larger artworks,” as suggested by the Huffington Post.

Located on San Fernando Road in the middle of Glassell Park, Keystone Art Space inhabits what once was a large warehouse. Not only does it consist of a significantly sized gallery, but it also is home to over 60 artist studios. Currently on exhibit is Melinda McLeod’s first solo show, Force of Creatures. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Keystone Art Space and the owner of Wallspace Gallery, Valda Lake, the show’s opening reception on Saturday, January 11th, was a success.