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Shelly Vogel
So What
Photography 1965-2015

Opening Reception Saturday June 8, 2019  6-10pm

Keystone Art Space is pleased to announce a retrospective of 50 years of black and white photography by California artist Shelly Vogel.

Time and the way people spend their time. Moving, playing, fighting, singing, dancing and having attention given to them. Undressing after a performance or swimming in the ocean. Looking at themselves in the mirror in a new costume. Waiting for work or enjoying a drink. 

These are some of the spontaneous images captured by Shelly Vogel’s Photography. 

So What? 

Initially teaching himself photography in New York City and Texas with his soon to be wife Nancy, Vogel was soon after stationed in Vietnam and Thailand as an Airman. After his time in South East Asia he found himself heading to California in 1968. Living in Santa Barbara and studying at UCSB and Brooks Institute of Photography Shelly was part of a growing book arts and small press scene. This included the infamous poets and famous book designers from White Rabbit, Poltroon, Thumbscrew and Black Sparrow Presses. 

Please enjoy this retrospective of Shelly Vogel’s photography.  The photos in this series show the subjects for who they are while also simultaneously occupying the form of a whirling dervish, a super model, an antique rug, or a great intellectual.

So What.

for more info email Jesse Vogel  galacticmadmonkey@gmail.com