• Keystone Art Space (map)
  • 338 S. Ave 16
  • Los Angeles
  • United States

INTO THE WILD brings together bodies of work of two artist-gatherers who transform what they collect into new forms.

Kerry Buchman takes cancelled stamps from around the world and transforms them into intricate collages of birds, all species she has seen in person. Her collages are carefully constructed images of nature built with elements of history, culture and place.

Michael Blasi collects sticks on hikes around Los Angeles, and constructs open structures with them, wrapping the sticks with washi paper stained with acrylic paint, sometimes building in other found or created elements. These hanging sculptures might connote other structures of interconnection: neural networks, celestial systems, or nests.

Michael and Kerry have been frequent collaborators as art educators for many years. This is the first time they have shown their independent work together.

kerrybuchman.com / michaelblasi.com / keystoneartspace.com