Keystone studio Somewhere Something is offering a series of Summer Workshops. This is a two day intensive workshop creating a robotic arm, Saturday and Sunday noon - 6pm.

The workshop will develop the workflow of motion tracking to machine actuation. Each participant will fabricate and assemble a small prototype of a multi-axis arm, controlled with a variety of sensory inputs. The project will be developed in Grasshopper and Firefly, using the Arduino microcontroller. No previous experience is required.

Workshop overview:

1 – Sensing and Actuating
- Brief Introduction to Grasshopper
- Brief Introduction to Arduino
- Introduction to Firefly

2 – Arm simulation
- Introduction to Vector Math in Grasshopper
- Simulation of the multi-axis Arm

3 – Fabrication
- Brief introduction to laser cutting
- Laser cutting the arm components

4 – Motion Tracking to Actuation
- Introduction to Motion tracking (Kinect, Leap Motion, iPhone)
- Controlling the arm with various motion inputs

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