Wallspace and the Keystone Art Space are proud to present the solo show "The Space Between Instants" by Jason Mascow, with an artist reception March 8th 2014.

Jason attended Art Center in Pasadena but considers most of his artistic practice as self-taught. Using oil on wood panels the combination of the intricacy of his work and luminous quality, he creates surreal, other worldly but everyday environments.

Born to the fifth child of Hungarian immigrant missionaries - who also happened to be descendants of royalty. He relies much of his inspiration from his illustrious heritage. “Life frequently places me in questionable situations - humorous, terrifying, or both. My work reflects these situations, conjuring up new images, characters and worlds for someone, somewhere to enjoy”.

Jason Mascow lives and works in Los Angeles and is currently the lead singer of the band “Hiedi Askew”.