• Keystone Art Space (map)
  • 338 South Avenue 16
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90031
  • United States

Artist Lea Feinstein, formerly from San Francisco and the East Coast, makes her powerful LA debut with ten oversize paintings of giant succulent plants and forty small found-object collages.  Entitled “Everything and Nothing,” her show sums up her intentions--to create everything from nothing.  Rendered in discarded housepaint on Tyvek (a vapor barrier for new construction), the paintings pack an emotional and symbolic wallop that supersedes their humble materials. The artist describes her collages as “the chatter of the unconscious mind”,  comparing them to the scrolling line at the bottom of the TV news--an undercurrent that enhances and unsettles the Big Picture.

Come see how LA light and color has inspired a master draftsman.