• Keystone Art Space (map)
  • 338 South Avenue 16
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90031
  • United States

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 6th, 1-4pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, October 20th, 1-4pm

Los Angeles, CA - Keystone Art Space is pleased to present Golden Hour, a two-person exhibition featuring works by Los Angeles-based artists Chelsea Dean and Kyla Hansen. Building on their mutual fascination with patterned, architectural anomalies and deteriorating desert exteriors, in Golden Hour Dean and Hansen shift their focus to the visually rich and precarious domestic interiors of those structures and spaces. Alongside individual mixed-media works from each artist is an evolving, collaborative installation made of collaged found objects that highlight overlapping interests and influences that the artists share. Visitors are invited to engage with, and purchase any of the objects in the installation. Each will be individually numbered, signed, and sold as a piece from the overall installation. The resulting space will continuously change throughout the run of the exhibition, as objects leave, move, and are replenished.

In Golden Hour, Dean and Hansen re-examine our relationship to the objects we choose to live with. Each item selected for the installation is unapologetically nostalgic and optimistic, with potential associated memories and layered histories. They are slippery in nature, moving back and forth between being inanimate, and imbued with meaning. Dean and Hansen share an affinity for this type of paradoxical form in both their living and studio spaces. There is a push and pull between beautiful objects that carry with them a hint of impending apocalypse.

In their individual work, both artists employ the use of found objects and images that sit comfortably between a state of decay and generation. Both regularly scavenge thrift stores, estate sales, LA sidewalks, and the open desert for detritus that has the potential to spawn new forms. Collaging together found furniture, fabric remnants, weathered wood, and dilapidated wallpapers, Dean and Hansen create two-and-three-dimensional works that glow, figuratively and literally. Their assemblages play with light that enters the space and shifts across objects, tracing patterned shadows and sun bleached patches that reveal new potential in cast-off, abandoned objects; windows of golden space, previously unseen.

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday 12-5 pm, or by appointment
Parking is available on Ave 16 and nearby streets.
For further information please contact: dean.chelsea@gmail.com