"Now. You See Me"

Lori Dorn

Solo Exhibition
Co production of Wallspace and Keystone Art Space
at Keystone Art Space April 3rd - 14th  
Artist Reception Saturday April 11th 6-9pm

Wallspace and Keystone Art Space are proud to present "Now. You See Me" a solo show by Lori Dorn, on view starting April 3rd with an artist reception Saturday April 11th. 

After a successful career as a photographer, capturing models and actors, Dorn began to experiment with painting her own backdrops for photo-shoots. These experimental paintings quickly took on a life of there own; giving Dorn a new more personal way to express herself. Lori’s goal is to create work that seems familiar, using abstracts reminiscent of nature’s elements and organic shapes. Self taught, Dorn works with acrylic on large-scale canvas.

“There was still beauty inside me I longed to share, this time It was just me and the materials of paint and canvas, a pure expression of shapes and colors ... I was renewed.” Says Dorn. “Once I start to work on a painting, there is no reference I just allow the piece to reveal itself. My attempt is to express pure emotion with colors and textures, I can see the work in this last year has really come into it's own.  I'm so pleased to share my journey with you. Now you see me.” Dorn lives and works in Long Beach, CA.

Wallspace is a dynamic gallery on La Brea that shows art in a non-conventional setting. Hung salon style on 14' high walls, the gallery’s aim is to create a floor-to-ceiling visceral experience whilst representing emerging and more established Los Angeles based artists. This is the fourth collaboration show with Keystone Art Space, an industrial art warehouse located in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, housing a diverse group of artists and designers, as well as Keystone Gallery, and Keystone Shoot, a production facility.

Please RSVP to art@wallspacela.com