Keystone Gallery is pleased to present Interior Angles, a group show curated by Johnie Thornton. Thornton has selected a small group of Los Angeles based artists at different points in their career who all have an affinity for geometric abstractions.

Thornton is a California Native, currently living and working as an artist in Los Angeles.

As a self taught artist, Thornton draws inspiration from experience and environment. Thornton has developed a unique painting style while experimenting with many different mediums both traditional and unconventional. 

Thornton participated in a group show with Keystone Gallery in 2013, and was offered the opportunity to curate a show in early 2015. Regarding this opportunity Thornton stated “I am very pleased and honored to be chosen by Keystone Gallery to take part in their program. I have chosen 3 Los Angeles artists whose work I have admired for some time, and look forward to showing with such talented individuals who share a similar aesthetic and appreciation for geometry”  

About the Artists:

Joshua Charles Hart:
Joshua Charles Hart was born in a sleepy town in central California.  He was awarded Best in Show Illustration 2005 at Otis College of Art and Design.  He works primarily in acrylics on 1/8th inch birch wood.   His work is about loss and finding the means to cope with it.  He uses animals in his work as a representation of our inner emotions that we might be afraid to show.  Your inner spirit animal.  He has been showing in Los Angeles and Orange County galleries since 2005. 

Jon Measures:
Measures grew up in England earning a BA honours degree in Fine Art from Falmouth School of Art. After many years making a living as a graphic designer and Illustrator Jon decided to focus on a fine art career. Measures has been exhibiting extensively in Los Angeles over the past 2 years and goes back as far as 2006 When he first showed a series urban landscapes at The Harmony Gallery in Hollywood as framed digital prints. Jon also teaches computer art at several schools around LA and Orange County.

Johnie Thornton:
Thornton was born and raised in Southern California and is currently living & working as an artist in Los Angeles. Thornton’s body of work ranges from medium format analog photography to photo realistic, pop, and abstract painting.   His work is largely influenced by sociology, geometry, architecture, and their relationship to nature. 
“My work focuses on depth, color, and form. My current body of work uses geometry as an expression of movement, communication and growth to explore the uneasy relationship between humans and nature. Through the manipulation of image and plain, I create an environment of both ease and discomfort, examining an inner struggle between the appreciation and disdain of man’s creations and accomplishments.” 

David A. Acuna: