Wallspace and the Keystone Art Space are proud to present the solo show "Structural Abstractions" by Kymm Swank, with an artist reception September 13th.

Kymm draws upon the tension between chaos and order for her current series, finding inspiration in what we construct to contain ourselves and the liminal spaces where our unruly lives erupt. Kymm manifests this energy by expressing abstract emotion through simple, concrete form.

"We are continually creating physical and psychological structures to order and make sense of our inherently chaotic lives. Instinctively we seek the comfort of symmetry and patterns, yet what exists between those boxes, the spontaneous, unforeseeable and uncontrollable moments, is what makes our lives extraordinary" says artist Kymm.

Kymm is a self-taught artist who works primarily in oils, acrylics and resins. The bold work she creates explores abstract forms, tight structure and inherent energy through line and color. She begins with a repeatable structure and works intuitively in the moment - layering paint until a distinct rhythm of lines and color emerges, this rhythm conveys her emotional expression.

Kymm currently resides in downtown Los Angeles, where the architecture of the urban skyline offers constant inspiration. 

Wallspace is a dynamic gallery on La Brea that shows art in a non-conventional setting. Hung salon style on 14' high walls, the gallery’s aim is to create a floor-to-ceiling visceral experience.  

"My goal in opening the gallery space was to give as many emerging and established Los Angeles artists as possible the opportunity to be seen but also to create an environment where people can be comfortable with art,” says Valda Lake owner and founder of Wallspace. “This  is a fantastic opportunity to co produce with Keystone Art Space for the third time featuring a solo show for Wallspace artist Kymm Swank,  in the beautiful art space at Keystone. I am very excited about our future collaborations with so much talent both at Keystone and at Wallspace." 

Keystone Art Space is a fine and industrial art warehouse located in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, housing a diverse group of artists and designers, as well as Keystone Gallery, and Keystone Shoot, a production facility.