Join us for the opening reception for the artists.

J/A/B is a collection of abstract paintings and sculpture featuring three artists from the Los Angeles area. Come join us for an evening of fierce enjoyment and a nearly fatal dose of color and texture. 

Your friendly neighborhood triumvirate includes:

Bob Stevens: Human battering ram. Officer of the Peace. Bob's use of texture and medium in his pieces broadens the spectrum of possibilities. In his expressions, Stevens seeks combinations of color, light, gradient, and movement that represents three dimensional space to draw the viewer in to the work, encouraging them look at the piece from multiple angles. Works alter their appearance slightly as the light shifts throughout the day creating a transformative experience for the viewer.

Joelle Cooperrider: Dreamer of dreams. Magistrate of Internal Affairs. Her paintings are made via a pouring technique, the slow-drying compositions prone to gravity and experimental tweaks. This creates a heavy build-up of texture, color variations, and provocative transparency layers.

AJ Collins: Opulent maven. Captain of Nobility. His eyes are a blue million miles. AJ's work results from an investigation of high Abstraction in correlation with increasingly abstract social and economic structures found within the built environment. His work forms a connection with its surrounding while also trying to distance itself through various formal strategies and intentional imbalance in hopes of generating poetic meaning, that at times, is separated from its origin, only to return in simple roundabout ways.