A group show featuring Anita Bunn, Chelsea Dean, Aragna Ker, Nicholette Kominos, and Melissa Manfull opens in the Keystone Gallery April 19, running through April 29.


Temporal Residue is an exhibition of five Southern California artists who re-contextualize the everyday. Each artist interprets their perceptions of culture, memory, and space by shifting the original contexts, embellishing versions of overlooked originals, and displacing mundane objects into a new state of being. Anita Bunn and Chelsea Dean look at the history of a site and interpret how time and our experience of that space help shape its future, evidenced through temporal photographic documentation of the decline and rebirth of specific urban sites or peripheral environments. Melissa Manfull uses architectural vernacular to imbue spiritual meaning through the act of adornment. Aragna Ker and Nicholette Kominos both reinterpret common, everyday objects by modifying and transmuting their original form. Ker’s sculptures and collages reconstruct his own hybridized cultural experiences, while Kominos’ work reshapes ordinary constituents, such as rubber, plastic, yarn and steel, into extraordinary and intricate sculptural abstractions.