about Melanie Mandl

Melanie Mandl attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture.

After graduating, Melanie started a production company called Fiat Lux - directing commercials for an array of clients including MacDonald's, Busch Gardens and the Internal Revenue Service. She also directed music videos for a number of east coast bands, including Touch&Go recording artists, Kepone and the visually elaborate, theater-of-the-absurd musical group, GWAR.

Melanie directed the cult movie, Skulhedface, the short-film, The Bone Trick and continued to work in commercials. In 2007 she produced and directed a series of four commercial spots for Scion's want2Bsquarecampaign involving stop-motion - a style of animated storytelling that would significantly impact her subsequent work.

Melanie would use stop-motion in her next project, the haunting, surreal film-short, Silent Moon and again in her music-inspired project, Run, an animated narrative about loneliness, and anxiety. Run would go on to receive an honorable mention at the USA Film Festival in Dallas, the White Sands Film Festival, and would win the audience award at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Melanie's work has appeared in a number of national film festivals, including AFI, Cinequest, Sarasota, Seattle, amongst others. Shots Magazine named Melanie Mandl one of the "Directors To Watch."

Melanie's films are dark and quirky, often exhibiting a wry sense of humor. There is a subtle, whimsical note that underpins her movies creating a feeling of wonder and loneliness. These emotions are seen in the palette she chooses and her sculptor's sense of texture. Her cinematography is deliberate and methodical. Stop-motion animation and puppeteering contribute to Melanie's general storytelling aesthetic; her work has the quality of fairytales that collide with technology.

Mandl's years of involvement with commercials, television and movies have given her a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking that isn't limited to directing; her expertise ranges from production logistics to cinematography, from writing to special effects, from lighting to prop-construction.

Melanie Mandl is currently working on her newest stop-motion project, a short film titled One Eye Open, which she is filming in her studio at Keystone Art Space in Los Angeles.

Melanie is the Director of Keystone Shoot Space, Art Space, and Gallery.



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