Keystone Art Space Tenant Guidelines and General Information

All tenants are asked to follow the simple guidelines below to help maintain a clean and safe creative environment.


Keystone Art Space
2558 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90065


Melanie Mandl, Director
323 864 9810

Sacha Baumann, Operations Manager
323 745 7074

Both Melanie and Sacha are available to address tenant's concerns and site issues. With over 60 working studios in the building, tenants are asked for patience in getting issues resolved.

Landlord / Rent

The building is owned by Glassell Park Partners LLC. Rent is collected on the 1st of each month, with a 10% late fee assessed after the 5th. A rent box is outside of Studio A5 or may be mailed directly to:

Glassell Park Partners LLC
4525 Sherman Oaks Avenue
Suite 201
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Tenants must give 30 day written notice of their intention to leave, addressed to Glassell Park Partners to above address or emailed to


The upstairs roof lot is the primary parking lot for all tenants. There is no reserved parking. It is the responsibility of tenants to also inform their guests to park on the roof. The lower parking lot is for temporary loading/unloading only. Do not block the loading bay painted with DO NOT BLOCK warnings.


Tenants may have mail and packages delivered to the building, but to avoid confusion must have Studio # as part of address. Mail delivery is at tenant's own risk as the mailboxes, located near the first loading bay, are not secured. Once the tenant has vacated their studio mail will not be forwarded by the United States Postal Service.

Work only

Keystone Art Space is a work only space. Occasional all-nighters are okay, but using your studio as a living residence is prohibited by both the landlord and by law.

Studio access

Each tenant must provide management with a spare key or the combination to their studio in the event access is needed during an emergency. (The information/key is kept in a lockbox.)

Common areas

There are three common areas for shared use: the main lobby, the first loading bay adjacent to the lobby and the “backyard.” Keep these areas clean. Anything other than temporary use must be cleared by management. The backyard may be used for working with chemicals, spray paint and materials that require ventilation and for loud work.

Hallways / lobby

Hallways must remain clear and unadorned. Do not hang artwork, fliers, paint, or otherwise mark the walls. Tenants may temporarily stage items outside their studio for open studios, special events, and moving, but items may not be stored or displayed permanently in the halls or lobby. Do not abandon items in the lobby or hallways. If tenants have something to give away that is not trash, it may be left in the lobby area with an attached notice. If after 5 days no one has taken the materials, dispose of the item(s).


Individual door decoration is encouraged, but surrounding white walls must stay free of artwork, decoration, fliers, et cetera.


The studios do not have lids. Creating art can make noise. All tenants and their guests are asked to be both be mindful of the noise they are creating and be patient with the noise of others. Music should be listed to at a low level or headphones used. The common outdoor areas may be used for loud work.


General maintenance and cleaning is done on a regular basis, but all tenants and their guests must clean up after themselves. The building plumbing is sensitive – dispose of sanitary products and paper towels in trash cans.

Utility sink

A utility sink is provided for general use, but cannot accommodate solids or thick waste such as plaster residue, dried paint, clay, etc. The exposed drain under the sink should be periodically checked and cleared to prevent overflowing. When washing brushes use caution not fling paint onto the walls.


Smokers must put cigarette butts in butt cans, not on ground.


Carts and Ladders are available for tenant use. They are located in the first loading bay and larger ladders are stored in the corner by Melanie’s space. These items are personal property and are generously provided for common use. Equipment must be returned immediately.

Trash / recycling

Do not abandon trash in the lobby or hallways. A dumpster for the building is located in the loading zone parking lot. The dumpster is for both trash and recycling combined (the plant sorts it) and is for all tenants. It is emptied three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If the dumpster is full tenants may put bagged trash against wall in 1st loading bay, and then place it in dumpster when space is available. If tenants have large quantities of trash for disposal, notify management and an extra pick-up may be arranged. There is a scrap wood cart, usually located in the parking lot or in the first bay. Please feel free to donate or take wood scraps.


Keystone Art Space is a private building, intended for its tenants and their guests only. If anyone appears to be loitering or there is any suspicious activity please notify management immediately.


All tenants have a role in keeping Keystone safe. Tenants have access to the building 24 hrs a day, but doors must be locked after 10pm unless there is a special event. Tenants who are in the building late must look around to make sure everything is secure, and to see if anyone else is here. Upon leaving, the last person must ensure all doors are shut and lock the gates


In the event of an emergency (i.e. fire) please call 911 immediately and contact management.

Keystone Shoot

The shoot space in the back of the warehouse is available for daily rental. It is available to tenants, but they must ask management prior to use. The space is not a “common area” – the space should not disturbed or materials or equipment removed without consent. For inquires, contact Melanie or Keystone Shoot manager Rusty Gantt at


At this time Keystone Gallery is available to tenants at no additional fee and to outside artists and organizations for a fee. Gallery time must be reserved in advance and booked with a signed contract. For inquiries contact Mark Harvey, who manages the gallery and maintains the calendar, at 323 376 3943 or


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